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Mobile App Development

The changes and growth in technology that we use every day has made our lives simpler and yet at the same time, we have started to live a life where all our needs are met faster. We have all the information and details either at the click of a mouse of the tap of our mobile devices. The complemented set of the mobile technology and internet has revolutionized the way companies connect with customers or the way we perceive businesses. Given the scenario today, most of us use our handheld devices as a first and foremost place to find any information. This is where Mobile Application Development appears.

Web Design & Development

The success of any business depends on its visibility and customer reach. This visibility has to be managed while keeping intact the bottom line profits and ensuring return on Investment for all strategic decisions, you as a company take. Internet and online sales and service solutions, more commonly referred to as eCommerce are now saving the day and reducing cost constraints related to data management, supply chain management, designing of promotions and advertisements. Your company’s website is the new brand people associate your brand name with and develop perceptions about it.

Open Source Development

Our dependence on Information technology- software and hardware are ever increasing. We are in a world, where we are constantly using internet, computers, software, applications and mobile devices with internet connection. As much as the above holds true for a person, it holds true for any business entity as well. Businesses need to use software to design applications that would work for them and at the same time ensure return on investment. This is where open source development appears.

Digital Marketing

World Wide Web and internet have revolutionized our lives and changed our perspective and prerogative about many ways the internet has impacted our lives. This coupled with the advent and development of the smart mobile devices has made many a company re-look their work related strategy, be it sales, marketing or simply connecting with customers. Internet has the ability and power to revolutionize your working style, the business and the way you market and reach out to customers.

Enterprise Solutions

Arixle has the capability of performing project through Off-Shore consulting, Staff augmentation and fixed cost product development in various technologies. We are domain agnostic and house technological brilliance within us which allows us to partner with you at any required level.

Microsoft Technologies

As a business enterprise, your needs for IT development are diverse. These software design and development requirements command a lot of technical knowledge and skill of computer languages to develop the best-suited applications, programs, websites etc. depending on a client’s business need. We at Work solution, offer customized solutions and application development through the extensive and creative use Dot net development.

Busines Operating System

Connect the different software suites you use in your organization and integrate them in one place to get the maximum out of it.

Custom Business Solutions

Have a special type of need for your business? We help you with the development and the maintenance of software custom built for your unique needs.


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We are Arixle Solutions, an IT consulting and software outsourcing company known for our deep industry experience and high customer satisfaction. We collaborate with clients globally to solve their most pressing challenges from strategy through execution. We transform our client’s vision to winning business solutions. We deliver the right IT solutions that build value, beats the competition and generate substantial, lasting financial impact for our clients.



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Arixle Solutions, i was totally satisfied as they mentioned “you’re in the right place”.

100% Quality & Quantity
5 * for the creativity
No time lag issues
Excellent inputs & outstanding outputs
Experienced and well maintained Organization
Costing as per there Standards

overall i’m totally impressed with Arixle. i’m happy & suggesting others.

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